GE has a diverse portfolio of products and services at the forefront of innovation, but many go unseen to the end consumer. How can we talk about subjects key to GE's innovation story—Industrial Internet, Energy Mix, Healthcare—in a way that's accessible and relevant to millennials aspiring to change the world through STEM?



It all started with the Emoji Table of Experiments, an interactive Snapchat activation amplified by a Bill Nye video that went viral on social. In 2015 we built out a 360 program, including a Mashable video series, interactive Tumblr page, and downloadable lesson plans for teachers through a partnership with the National Science Foundation. During the Summer Solstice on June 21st, we created one of the first National Sponsored Geofilters on Snapchat. 


For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we launched a campaign to raise awareness and educate about breast density, its implications for cancer detection, and GE's new imaging tech. To demonstrate the difficulty of finding cancer tissue in affected women, we hid emoji messages in targeted social posts, prompting viewers to decipher the gamified content. GE's community managers proactively helped those interested find the nearest imaging facility with GE's new tech.


In 2016 we celebrated World Emoji Day with a first-of-its-kind chatbot game in Facebook messenger. The bot, named Dot (Thomas Edison's nickname for his daughter) challenged users to decipher emoji codes, each representing an important science fact or historical moment. 



Emoji Science content beat brand engagement rate benchmarks by 40%, generated GE's most replied tweet in history and earned more than 35MM impressions. On Snapchat, the #SolsticeSelfie filter was used by over 4.8 million people, garnering nearly 65MM views.