Over the past five years, the mass beauty category has struggled, losing market share to more nimble upstarts and specialty retailers. Despite a rich history and strong brand awareness, Revlon needed to differentiate in the space while staying true to its LOVE IS ON ethos. They came to us, having secured an Amazon  partnership, which included 10 million branded boxes plus a suite of digital media from Amazon's robust ad network.



To better align Revlon with the cultural landscape and appeal to a slightly younger demo, we launched #LoveIn3Words, a campaign with the simple mission to inspire more love in the world. Starting with 10MM branded Amazon boxes, a hero video and website, we rolled out a full 360 program.  Social content prompted people to share their #LoveIn3Words, using a custom image generator tool, or by writing on an Amazon box. 






Launching just in time for Valentine's Day, the campaign generated so much excitement internally that Revlon's CEO decided to make it even bigger. And The Love Project 2017 was born. Enlisting brand ambassadors Lady Gaga, Ellen and Pharrell, they shot a 30-second spot for the Oscars, prompting viewers to get involved by sharing their #LoveIn3Words.  Thus far, the campaign has spurred the creation off over 10 thousand pieces of original user generated content, and counting.