Every brand under the sun finds a way to insert themselves into the annual Pi Day conversation.  How can GE—a company where thousands of engineers use pi every day—tap into the cultural zeitgeist and do something truly unexpected?



Partner with Swiss pro skier and everyday engineer Nico Vuignier to tell his Centriphone invention story and how pi makes it all possible. Leveraging the expertise of engineers at GE's global research center, we broke down the  intricacies of pi and centripetal force, and how the principles apply to GE's own innovations. The program launched in partnership with NowThisNews, sponsoring their Snapchat discover launch  with a series of vertical video ads.

On GE's social channels, we livestreamed 360 video from the Swiss Alps, all shot on Nico's Centriphone. And to connect with everyday engineers around the world, we created a limited-edition Centriphone, available as an open source CAD file for anyone to download and 3D print themselves.



We launched 3.14 on 5 platforms, beating benchmarks across all organic content, including 21K Facebook Live views. On Snapchat, video ads achieved 1.9MM impressions, over delivering nearly half a million views based on original estimates, which resulted in an actualized CPV of $0.021. Beyond views, the ads saw an average completion rate of 25%, with nearly half of viewers completing 50% of the spots. And on Thingiverse, the limited edition Centriphone CAD file was downloaded over 300 times.